Amoreena Miller


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Planner // Soccer ‘Playing’ Mom // Adventurer

“I don’t like the idea that the first preparation when you start to design your building has to have your label. I think this is not fair to the design or the space. I believe every building tells a different story.”
– Renzo Piano

Columbia University
// Master of Science in Architecture and Urban Design

University of Idaho
// Bachelor of Architecture

I strive to help clients realize their vision and transform their concept into a unique, functional and inspiring space. The design process presents me with an opportunity to tease out the deeper meaning and understand the project as a whole.

I can then scale down to the details, find creative solutions and incorporate exciting design elements, culminating in an effortless and sophisticated product.

Our team consists of detail-oriented, creative professionals who are big picture thinkers; giving us the tools to work with our clients and create artful and purposeful designs.Amoreena Candid Thumbnail

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Both commercial and residential spaces are meant to exude an elegant and timeless quality allowing one to linger and feel comfortable.

Our approach aims to not only extend the life of a home and to create a functional commercial space; but also to inspire and to catch the eye with thoughtful and creative details.

I look at how the space will be used and want to enhance that experience. This perspective helps to create a balanced and viable design while extending the life of a structure contributing to our goal of sustainability.