Keta Rylko

// Design Assistant

Rain Lover // Sports Enthusiast // Foodie

“Create with the heart, build with the mind.” – Criss Jami

University of Washington
// Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies

Being born and raised in Seattle, I was lucky to have the opportunity to enjoy ample time outside with my family exploring the beautiful landscapes of the Pacific Northwest. My years spent camping, kayaking and hiking in the natural environment greatly influenced how I perceive our built environments. During my time at the University of Washington, I developed a keen interest in biophilic design and green architecture. From colors to textures and feelings of relaxation to admiration, I am passionate about creating beautiful, functional and sustainable spaces that are inspired by places we love. Being in nature can evoke feelings of wonder, appreciation and awe, and I think design should do the same.

I love working at Strata, where collaboration is integral in the design process. I am excited about the opportunity to help bring thoughtful designs to life that continue to inspire us long after they are completed.