Shelby Hart


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Sun Chaser // Adventure Seeker // Furniture Enthusiast

“The details are not the details. They make the design.”
– Charles Eames

Western Washington University, Bellevue College
// Bachelor of Applied Arts in Interior Design

I am passionate about design because it is the opportunity to improve the environments we spend our lives in.

What has always intrigued me about this field is the range of scales we get to work on – from conceptualizing an entire city block to detailing a table, everything that we create is planned to some degree, which means everything has the opportunity to be designed thoughtfully.

This process cannot happen successfully without the input of many or collaborative problem solving to find the best possible solutions.

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I love learning more about the fabrication side of the design process through hands-on experience. I recently collaborated with my dad to create a table from reclaimed beams left over from one of his projects.

Anytime I get to dig into the details of building I learn so much more about materials and how to manipulate them. Working with the physical components helps me gain an even deeper appreciation of the problem solving that happens in this stage of the process.

I truly enjoy learning from the craftsmen’s expertise of materials and fabrication techniques so that we all can produce high quality, thoughtful creations together.