Yi Chun Lin


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Optimist // Volleyball Diehard // Jovial Nosher

“To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.”
– Joseph Chilton Pearce

Washington State University
// Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies
// Bachelor of Architecture

Architectural Association London
// Architecture and Urbanism

Creative thinking is a messy, non-linear and at times agonizing process. However, I believe the boundaries explored are well worth the efforts, and immensely rewarding. The prospect of simultaneously being a story seeker, artist, fabricator, comedian, and most of all, humanitarian is humbling and exciting.

Our days at Strata are sculpted by series of interactions. Each team member brings something different into the arena, and our office culture respects individual passions and perspectives while advocating for the cross pollination of ideas, which are critical for true creative solutions. It is a privilege to shape the design narrative through active listening and open dialogues with clients and project teams.

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With a multi-disciplinary design background, I revel in seeing and creating design solutions for projects from various vantage points. My interests lie in design advocacy as well as client experience that speak to contextual authenticity, aesthetics, and functionalities.

Beyond the professional realms, I maintain an active presence through work with community organizations, and lend my expertise with urban beautification projects. I enjoy fostering an integrated project management process to enhance client and team collaboration as well as end-user experience.